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Knowldege is Power...

Our company has been designed to provide our clients with information for the tedious process of claiming, adjusting and recuperating from a devastating loss. We believe in approaching each client realizing that each case is unique and faces a specific set of conditions which require customized adjusting skills. As such, we utilize the most advanced adjusting tools available today such as Xactimate, Sage Financial Interface, CLIO CRM and Eagle View Roof Services.

Arising from catastrophic damages to the State of Florida; when hit by three consecutive Hurricanes, CAT Adjusters was created in 2006 to provide independent adjusters services to Insurance companies who needed additional internal adjusting support to process an excessive load of catastrophic claims and help its insureds repair their properties. In 2012 after having worked as insurance adjusters for the insurance companies covering and denying property claims, CAT Adjusters signed an important contract with a leading insurance law firm to develop, support and manage their insurance division while defending the rights of the insured against insurance companies.

While working directly for the insurance companies, CAT Adjusters managed and handled over 3,000 claims.  On the other hand, while managing and adjusting claims for the insureds at the insurance law firm, CAT Adjusters adjusted and settled over $20 million dollars in commercial and residential property insurance claims.

How we came to be


CAT Adjusters sustainable competitive advantage over other adjusting firms lies on its vast adjusting experience, understanding of the insurance industry and claims settlement expertise.


A month before hurricanes IRMA and MARIA, CAT Adjusters founders moved permanently to Puerto Rico.  Four weeks after MARIA, the Insurance Commissioner of Puerto Rico qualified and granted CAT Adjusters a permanent Public Adjusters License to aid in the claims adjusting representation of all affected insureds.


Although Puerto Rico had never seen a devastating catastrophic event like MARIA in the past, CAT Adjusters immediately began explaining the advantages of having an experienced public adjuster handle the claim against experienced external independent adjusters brought by the insurance carriers to represent their interest, not yours.  

How the process works


The key to a quick recovery from any catastrophic event is to be able to: (1) quickly open a claim with the carrier and have an independent adjuster assigned; (2) utilize the proper tools to generate an accurate estimate of damages; (3) reach an undisputed scope of damages in accordance to policy coverage with the insurance company; (4) request payment or advance on those damages that are imminent and undisputed; (5) finalize a thorough estimation of all damages and request final payment for repairs.


Just to give you a real sample of experience adjusting, our client “Cosmetics Manufacturer” had its roof completely damaged by MARIA. Its Insurance agent brought a roofer to provide an estimate of damages for them.  A week after signing up with CAT Adjusters we found that the roofer had only replaced half of the damaged insulation, the same roofer had to revise his estimate from $150,000 to $240,000 to include the entire insulation system to avoid mold growth and humidity which would have occurred shortly thereafter.  CAT walked the new estimate to Universal Insurance on a Saturday morning and was able to convey the message with the appropriate avoidance of further damage to its Director of Claims, who agreed with the assessment, estimates, and damages.  Two days later, on Monday, Universal Insurance issued a check to our client for half of the roof damages in the amount of $120,000. Quickly, our client began its roof repairs and avoided further damages. See Exhibit A.


Every claim is different and must be adjusted properly. A thorough and proper claim presentation is as crucial as the evidence used in a trial to support your innocence. A vivid example of how the initial presentation of a claim may be the difference between coverage or denial.  Our client Robert came to us with a denied property damage claim due to a sinkhole.  He had attempted to address the claim with the insurance carrier on his own to save paying the representation fees and improperly address the elements that trigger coverage under his policy. Three years after the denial, CAT Adjusters was able to obtain a full policy limits under Coverage A and B in the amount of $398,845.50 by properly triggering coverage and employing experts to support its analysis of coverage. See Exhibit B.


Understanding that time may affect prices of materials and demand may affect the price of labor is important, a public adjuster must know how to obtain a supplemental check when a claim is affected by outside market conditions.  Our client had a claim paid by Seguros Multiples but was not able to begin its repairs until six months after the check was issued.  Materials became scarce and the contractor raised his estimate to complete repairs, in order to cover the increase in materials; additionally, refusing to commence repairs until the additional payment was received. CAT Adjusters had to issue a supplemental request for additional funds to Seguros Multiples.  Our client obtained supplemental payment in the amount of $56,200.00 to cover the increase in material costs. See Exhibit C.


Knowledge is Power


Understanding how each insurance policy is issued, supplemented, endorsed and amended separates the insurance industry professionals from mere estimate aggregators.  In 2012, CAT Adjusters was given the task of analyzing coverage for a denied claim in 2011.  Another public adjuster had asked for coverage of a property damage event under an amended coverage, which had been excluded. However, CAT Adjusters found coverage for the damages under a separate endorsement sold to the client at the time of renewal.  Our client was able to obtain full policy limits under Coverage A in the amount of $197,000 from Universal Insurance. See Exhibit E.


We could continue to give real examples of CAT Adjusters experience, understanding, and passion when adjusting claims but you can easily get the point that we are dedicated to maximizing claims. Ask for a free consultation, you will not be disappointed.

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