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Aerial View of Suburban Street


At CAT Adjusters we understand residential property insurance is purchased to protect your home and hard-earned investment from catastrophic events such as hurricanes; earthquakes; floods; sinkholes and other life changing events.


There are different types of insurance. The kind you buy depends on what you want to protect and whether you rent or own.


Residential property includes:


  • Single-family Homes

  • Multi-family Home

  • Townhomes

  • Condo


Once you are insured and suffer a loss CAT Adjusters become your partner in maximizing your claims and making you whole again by helping you return to your pre-loss condition. 




At CAT Adjusters we understand businesses are affected doubly by catastrophic events.  First, their important human resources have been personally affected by the event.  Secondly, the business organization needs to return to its “normal operations” immediately after loss to its building; contents and income. 


Many business owners know they carry an insurance policy for business but many times don’t understand they may have coverage for damage to their buildings; damages and loss to their contents and sometimes coverage for loss of income and extra expenses after a catastrophic event.   Some properties covered by commercial property and/or business interruption insurance are:


  • Retail stores

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Hotels and resorts

  • Offices

Packaging Factory



At CAT Adjusters we are a full service public adjusting firm dedicated to our client’s needs; Big and small.  We provide services to central government and municipalities for example:

  • Public Buildings

  • Public Schools

  • Any other agency and real estate property owned by the government



CAT Adjusters can provide expert services to law firms for their clients’.  We work in tandem with law firms to aid their clients by providing the bulk of the work surrounding claims; including damage assessment; estimate preparation; any other claims documentation services.

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Law Firms

our customer eXPERIENCE

Customer Experience

We have helped many customers in different ways with their claims. Here are a few actual claims that we have successfully solved.

Image by Brian Babb


The insurance company notified our client via letter that his "claim does not meet the minimum deductible amount". Our client felt lost and frustrated until he hired CAT Adjusters. Our client was able to receive $24,000 for repairs to his home.


Our customer had insurance for "Business Interruption", but the insurance company offered our customer $2,000 to settle the claim. CAT Adjuster was hired to work and we were able to settle the claim for $199,630 to cover business interruption losses.

Showing an Apartment


The condo of 280 families was inspected by personnel from the insurance company. The insurance company flagged the claim as "pre-existent" before the hurricane damaged the property. Under this situation, our customer was offered to settle the claim by $30,000. CAT Adjuster team was able to get $1,298,000 to cover the damages.

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