Our Team

CAT Adjusters’ founders Lizzette Santiago and Jose Santiago have both worked inside of the insurance companies and understand the intricacies of adjusting and settling claims from the perspective of an insurance carrier.

Jose Santiago

Jose Santiago obtain his insurance adjuster license in 2007 and became a Florida Supreme Court mediator as well as a Florida Dept. of Financial and Insurance Services mediator in 2010. Jose Santiago has an accounting degree from Upper Iowa University and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University. Having mediated and settled numerous cases between insurance companies and insureds, Jose brings the required experienced to navigate through complex business interruption claims and economic loss claims that otherwise could not be settled unless an outside expert is hired.  

Lizzette Santiago

Lizzette Santiago obtained her insurance adjusters license, insurance agent and insurance agency licenses in 2005. After completing her Juris Doctor, Lizzette is presently a semester away from completing an LLM in Insurance Law at the University of Connecticut. Her expertise in understanding insurance law and dissecting insurance policies are a clear sustainable competitive advantage over other Public Adjusting firms.  

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